The World of Fashion at Large

Fashion. It is a simple word, isn’t? It makes us think of glitz and glam, of red carpets with beautiful women with tall slender legs walking betwixt a roaring crowd of gawkers and paparazzi. We think of the weird Prada costumes, of high fashion with clothes that would never make it in real life. And yet, these “fantasy” clothes eventually get watered down to the everyday clothes that you and I wear.

The Northern ContractorsIn a more practical sense, living in the fashion is looking good wherever you go. Nothing inherently wrong with that, though sure you could go overboard. The real question of being fashionable isn’t one of an ethical or even monetary problem (as you can be pretty fashionable while also super thrifty), rather a simple question of… how?

How the hell do you become fashionable?!

It is an infuriating question!

This video sheds some light on the subject…


No matter whatyour style really is – goth, glam, or goth glam or whatever – you can find a way to be fashionable within your budget. The means are there for those wishing to take the steps forward and actually accomplish a fashionable look. They say that you should dress for success, dress for the part you wish to be in life. There is a certain self esteem that builds in you when you go from wearing swimming trunks on a daily basis to wearing a suit and tie on a daily basis. A transformation happens mentally, maybe even spiritually. You slowly become a different person just by the apparel you wear on the outside. So why not wear what you desire? Wear the clothes of the person you want to be.

If you want to be the crazy surfer, well just shed the suit and tie in favor of the swimming trunks, some yellow thick rimmed glasses, and of course an appropriate surfing board. There you go! The body will come later, but if you are wearing who you are suppose to be, you will eventually catch up to that ideal. Not only that, but you will feel much better about who you are and who you are becoming.

Fashion is so much more than the red carpeted hallways of glam. Fashion is a tool we can use to develop who and what we are – what we define ourselves as.

This website is all about the fashion of our identity. And fashion can go beyond just apparel. Fashion can be any aspects of our life. If we lived in Alaska, maybe our fashion statement would include what kind of Anchorage roofing contractors we hire to repair epdm roofs, or what kind of fur coats we wear during the cold winters. Maybe it would even include what kind of four wheel drive car we drive through the billowing snow storms of the 49th state.

You see, fashion can expand and be everywhere and everything.

Now stop and take a look at your life… what can you change about your life that would lead you to a happier, more fashionable life?

How to Light Up a High Fashion Runway

Illuminating a fashion runway is an extremely important task – and it can be a difficult one if you don’t understand about landscape lighting.  No worries. I am going to walk you through a brief, yet a very powerful, tutorial on how to do just that. You see, when the time comes, you need to have the perfect light. As perfect as possible at least.

Because you will have an audience all dying to see the beautiful women in their beautiful dresses walk down the gamut betwixt the crowds, strutting their stuff. fashion outdoor lighting runways You want them to have the best chance to see these models in the best glow of professional lighting.

However… they are not the most important part of doing the landscape lighting for a fashion runway.

The people you really need to please are the other brothers of light – the photographers. The models will be walking to fro, stopping at the end of the runway to do their little pause, then they will turn around gracefully and do the walk back. During this whole period, the lighting will be changing constantly based off where the model is. As any professional lighter knows, a professional photographer is obsessed with the amount of light they are getting. Without the correct light, the model is not going to be looking very high fashion at all (and depending how bad it is, they might not look like anything!).

So, it goes without saying, photographers are the biggest people you really need to please when it comes to the task at hand. How do you do it? Well you can read the article below and check out this Wikipedia article on the topic.

There are a few methods and techniques you can go by. One of the things you could do is by setting up the appropriate lighting equipment at the end of the runway. After all, you always know that is where they will be for a set period of time. They have to come this way, stop, turn, pause and continue walking back.

This means there is always a great opportunity for a photographer to take a few brilliant snapshots. But when if you want the photographers to take brilliant snapshots of the models as they walk to and walk back towards the end of the stage? What do you do then? That is when you take your landscape lighting equipment (such as where you can buy from and marry it with theatrical lighting techniques. If you light the entire stage as a theater would light their own stage, you will have consistent light on every spec of that fashion runway. The photographers will be able to take their snapshots anytime they like throughout the procession of models. And all of their photographs will have exactly the amount of light needed to make the show truly a wonderful hit.

Who knows?

Your lighting ability might be mentioned to many of the other fashionistas who organize such events and soon… you have found yourself quite the business to be in! And who wouldn’t want a business surrounded by beautiful women in beautiful things, eh? :)